From now on a ProCredit Bank business unit also in Konjic


From now on a ProCredit Bank business unit also in Konjic

ProCredit Bank opening five new business units by the end of April

Sarajevo, 26 March 2007 – In order to respond to the needs of clients from all over the country, ProCredit Bank opened today a business unit in Konjic at Trg državnosti b.b. In the year of 2007, ProCredit Bank has continued with the further widening of its business unit network, and by the end of this week, business units in Doboj and Pale will be opened, and at the end of April new ProCredit Bank business units will be functioning and serving population in Prijedor and Zvornik.

In Konjic business unit, ProCredit Bank will also provide services and advise clients to choose the products best suiting their needs. Following its mission, a special attention will remain focused on working with small entrepreneurs from this area, granting loans to initiate or improve their business activities.  According to Peter Moelders, Director of ProCredit Bank, in the course of last year many entrepreneurs throughout the country relied on the financial support of ProCredit Bank, and, in this segment, the Bank’s loan portfolio increased in 37 million EUR.

The development of the Bank and broadening of business units, as well as increasing corporate and retail services, have contributed to the further strengthening of the Bank’s deposit base that has doubled for three years in a row, currently amounting to over 100 million EUR. „Excellent business results have been accompanied by strong development of personnel. The number of staff has increased in over 270 in the past 12 months, and we are also very proud to be selected the foreign investor for 2006 in the category of employment, which proves that our bank influences the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina in that segment as well.“, stated Peter Moelders, Director of ProCredit Bank.

„We have hired 10 people in our business unit. It is our desire that the citizens of Konjic be provided with top service and to feel comfortable in our business units. It is important to mention that we are trying to present our services in a comprehensive and transparent manner to all of our clients, and the citizens of Konjic will have an opportunity to get convinced of that”, stated Senad Redžić, ProCredit Bank Regional Manager.

The results achieved in 2006 are not accidental; during the past ten years, ProCredit Bank has worked intensively on its growth, developing, and modernizing its product and service offer. The Bank has recently broadened the range of loan and savings services for corporate users and citizens.  The conditions have been improved for ProSprint loans that are intended to private companies, taxi drivers, open market tradesmen, and craftsmen, with a benefit that no guarantors are required for amounts of up to 10,000 KM. ProAgro loans for agricultural producers enable financing of development programs for agricultural and food production; a favorable characteristic is that for loans of up to 5,000 KM no guarantors are required. Citizens have also been offered Savings Plan that has been created in such a way that clients may choose the amount of monthly savings that also might be transferred, through a free standing order, from current account to the savings plan account. This service brings to clients an interest of 3% annually and the possibility to obtain a bonus payment at the end of savings period.

These, as well as many other services, will soon become available to citizens of Doboj, Pale, Prijedor and Zvornik. The ProCredit Bank network of business units will thus have 36 business units and 6 information centers that have recently been opened at the Una-Sana Canton with the purpose of brining banking services closer to the people they are unavailable for, or inadequately provided. „This year we will continue with strengthening of the position of our Bank that is close to its clients, and continue with improvement of the levels of services we provide”, Moelders added.  

ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of a group of 19 banks operating throughout the world, whose loan portfolio amounts to over 2 billion EUR, while the clients’ deposits amount to 1.8 billion EUR. The Group hires over 12,000 people. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, ProCredit bank has been operating since 1997.



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