What is ProB@nking?

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Pay monthly bills, credit card or transfer money to your savings account from the comfort of your own home, without going to the bank.

Internet banking – ProB@nking  is a quick and convenient way to make payments, review your transactions, and check your account balance online.

With ProB@nking you can:

  • transfer funds from one account to another within ProCredit Bank
  • make payments to accounts at other banks
  • make payment to public institutions
  • make international payments
  • convert currency automatically
  • check the balance of all your ProCredit Bank accounts
  • keep track of outgoing orders
  • generate account statements for a selected time period
  • receive daily account statements

ProB@nking fees:

  • Fees charged for domestic payment transactions via ProB@anking are significantly lower than the standard rates for payment transactions

Advantages of ProB@nking:

  • Availability – You can access your bank accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world with Internet access
  • Simplicity and speed – ProB@anking is a modern, quick, easy-to-use system for making financial transactions and keeping track of them
  • Efficiency gains and cost savings – By using this service, you can save both time and money
  • Security and reliability – You receive a token, a protected device that enables ProCredit Bank to identify you as an authorised Internet banking user.

For more information about ProB@nking please contact Client Support Centre 033 250 950 or contact us via e-mail info@procreditbank.ba, or visit the nearest ProCredit outlet.