World Bank Credit Line

In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this credit line is implemented by ProCredit Bank in co-operation with the OdRaz Foundation and the Federation Ministry of Finance; in the Republika Srpska, it is implemented in co-operation with the RS Investment and Development Bank (IRBRS).
The World Bank Credit Line funds are primarily dedicated to supporting export-oriented small and medium enterprises (SME). The funds aim to:

  • maintain and strengthen SME market position during the global economic crisis
  • enhance SME economic capacities by stimulating faster credit funding

Enterprises that wish to apply for the credit line funds must:

  • be privately owned, duly licensed and registered
  • actively create added value
  • have prior experience in the activity to be funded
  • have a solid financial standing
  • submit to a credit assessment by the bank
  • meet environmental protection requirements

Purpose of sub-loans:

  • Investments (purchase of equipment and raw materials, renovation and construction of facilities)
  • Recovery or modernisation and gradual increase of working capital
  • Increase of working capital only

Loan terms on the basis of purpose:

  • Investments – up to 10 years  with a grace period of 12 months maximum
  • Working capital – up to do 5 years with a grace period
  • A credit amount of EUR 2.5 million to an individual final borrower or a group of related companies

The Republic of Srpska Investment and Development Bank (IRBRS) is the main pillar of support to investments in the Republika Srpska, through financing development projects, implementation of privatisation and efficient management of the RS assets which are placed in six funds.

The Foundation for Sustainable Development OdRaz was founded by the FBiH Government for the implementation of various reconstruction and transition projects in the area of infrastructure, employment, microfinancing and development.