Announcement for clients

Precautionary measures induced by the COVID-19 virus

 Dear Clients,


ProCredit Bank has announced a host of precautionary measures it has taken to safeguard its staff and clients against corona virus(COVID-19) outbreak, in accordance with B&H government directives, and following global guidelines.

In order to respect the protection measures of citizens against viruses and to avoid waiting in lines, we invite all our clients to minimize visits to the branches under the guidelines on movements. As well to minimize movement and gathering, we encourage clients to access their mobile and online banking applications for their everyday transactions from the safety of their home.  We also recommend the use of cards when making payments, thus minimizing contact with banknotes, as a potential source of contagion.

ProCredit Bank is available to its clients at full capacity and will carry out its operations smoothly during and after the period of precautionary measures.

The Client Support Center is available for more efficient communication and where all the necessary information regarding the bank's business can be obtained by:


  • Calling the number 033 250 950
  • Sending an inquiry to the email address
  • Contacting your Client Advisor

 Thank you for your understanding,


 Your ProCredit Bank