Important notice

Protect yourself from fraud

 Dear clients,

Given the current situation in the world and our country caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we take this opportunity to urge you to be careful when using the internet service. The time of crisis represents the most suitable ground for hacking attacks, and with this letter, we want to draw your attention to potential frauds and how protect yourself against them.

 Frauds usually occur in the form of "Phishing" e-mails where they prompt users to open malicious links related to the Coronavirus theme (COVID-19). This is to warn you not to open links to such messages because hackers are counting on reduced caution of users in the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic.

 Some examples of fake emails related to COVID-19 have content like:

  •  I am selling COVID-19 medicine
  • Sales of masks, disinfectants or other medical supplies for COVID-19 protection, etc. 

PHISHING e-mails attackers impersonate legitimate organizations such as Centers for Disease Control (, World Health Organization (, National Institutes of Health (, etc.

In addition to Phishing e-mails, applications related to COVID-19 and virus monitoring are offered.

Do not install or use applications like this! Only install Android apps from trusted sources like Google Play.

Only open Microsoft Office files sent from confidential E-mail addresses.

Fraud tactics change very quickly. Always review your e-mail carefully, as hackers will in every possible way attempt to obtain your confidential information such as e-mail address, password and other confidential information.




ProCredit Bank