Important notice for clients

Loan repayment measures for citizens and companies affected by COVID 19

Dear Clients,

ProCredit Bank, which has been successfully lending and developing the SME segment over 20 years, responded immediately with its support for the economy in this crisis. Understanding our clients' business models, has enabled us to respond in a short time to mitigate the effects caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We aim to strengthen our clients' business through liquidity support to the extent possible in the current circumstances.

There will be different types of repayment facilities available to business clients and these will be tailored as well to the individual needs of clients. All companies directly affected by the crisis, as well as those where the impact of the crisis is less or will subsequently arise, will be able to apply for some of the relief measures defined by the Entity Banking Agencies decisions.

When it comes to private clients, the Bank will provide a temporary moratorium or other relief in repayment of credit placements to all individuals affected by the situation. Provisional measures will be applied in cases where clients have been left out or have been reduced, that is when the stability of the receipts is compromised and therefore the solvency of the borrower has been repaid.

From the beginning, ProCredit Bank staff has been involved in analyzing and solving specific repayment issues and has been available to clients through regular communication channels:

1. Direct contact with client advisers for business and private clients

2. By sending an inquiry to

3. By calling 033/250 -950

The request for approval of temporary measures to mitigate the servicing of liabilities to the bank caused by the occurrence of the viral disease "COVID 19" can be downloaded by clicking the link:

Please note that the Bank will consider your request under the provisional measures defined in the decisions of the Entity Banking Agencies.

ProCredit Bank