Prize game "I get more with a ProCredit card"

Announcement of the results of the first round of the prize game "I get more with a ProCredit card!"

In accordance with the decision no. 05-12-1-732 / 20-T.B. from 08.09.2020. of the Federal Ministry of Finance, ProCredit Bank organized a prize game "I get more with a ProCredit card".

At the premises of ProCredit Bank d.d. Sarajevo, on 15.10.2020. The lucky winners of prizes were drawn: 1x Samsung Galaxy A21S mobile devices and 1x Capriolo Diavolo 600 26 "/ 18HT bicycles. We hereby announce that the lucky winners of the first round of the prize game are Elma Krnjić and Damjan Knežević, who were informed about the results by the phone.

In accordance with the procedures established by the previous invitation to participate in the prize game, the drawing of lucky winners was held by an independent three-member commission with complete regularity and objectivity in drawing the winners.

Congratulations to our lucky winners.

ProCredit Bank invites its clients to continue using Mastercard® contactless payment cards, which gives them the opportunity to participate in the remaining rounds of the "I get more with ProCredit card" game.

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