Announcement for clients

Renovation of the Zone 24/7

In order to further improve the functionality of Zone 24/7, we would like to inform you that Zone 24/7 at the location of Franca Lehara bb will temporarily cease to operate in the period:

From 18.12.2020 in the afternoon to 31.12.2020.

In this regard, we have made available to clients:

• ATM for disbursement of funds in Franca Lehara bb (according to the US Embassy),

• ATM for payment and disbursement of funds within the Administration building at the address Franca Lehara bb,

• Zone 24/7 at Ibrahima Ljubovića 20, Ilidža

From 21.12.2020. year, users of the day and night vault (DNT machine) can make market deposits at the reception of the Bank in Franca Lehara bb in the period from 08:00 to 15:30.

For the purpose of more efficient communication, the Customer Support Center is also available to you, where you can get all the necessary information related to doing business with the bank:

• By calling 033 250 950

• By sending an inquiry to the e-mail address:

Thank you for understanding,

ProCredit Bank