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All ProCredit Bank clients have the possibility to withdraw cash at ATMs of all banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina free of charge 3 times a month. In addition, cash deposits and withdrawals of BAM and EUR currency are free of charge at ProCredit ATMs from the list below.

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ProCredit Bank announces the call for office premises rental

We offer 3 floors for rentals in total square area of 540 m2:

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New Year's Meeting With Journalists: ProCredit Holds Leading Position in SME Sector, Portfolio in 2018. grew 10%

ProCredit Bank remains committed to the development of the BiH economy, and sees the SME sector as the most important driver of development in terms of opening new jobs and boosting exports. As of the end of October this year, the Bank realized growth of 10% and strengthened the quality of its loan portfolio. It is important to mention that ProCredit has also recorded a strong growth in the loan portfolio on the group level.