Eco finance/eco loans for enterprises

This pillar aims at improving the banks’ external environmental performance by offering special credit lines for investment in energy efficiency, renewable energies and other environmentally-related activities.

ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina introduced green loans in 2012. The main goal was to introduce the loans suitable for business clients and offer them standardised green loans for investing in energy efficiency measures, usage of renewable energy resources or environmentally friendly measures. The green loans are offered to all business client segments, as well as to the agriculture.

Eco Loans for Enterprises are supporting the efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible businesses. Because these investments are not only aimed at developing a business, but also address the environmental problems we face today, eco loans are offered at preferential conditions.

We have also developed a special methodology to assess the environmental impact of a business’ activities.

Eligible green investment projects are classified into three major categories:

Energy efficiency – Projects that reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving production capacity: 

  • Various types of highly-efficient production machinery and equipment – CNC machines (lathes, cutters, etc.), conveyor production lines, presses, painting chambers, driers, furnaces, ovens, etc.
  • Heating, ventilation, cooling, and light systems – highly-efficient boilers and heaters, air conditioning systems, refrigerators and freezers, centralised ventilation systems, LED light and highly-efficient luminescent lamps, light control systems, biomass boilers, etc.
  • Improvements in the insulation and windows of buildings – new windows, new or additional insulation
  • Agricultural equipment – tractor units, tractors, combines, drip irrigation systems, sprayers, etc.

Renewable energy – generate and/or consume energy resources that are inexhaustible or that can be restored quickly:

  • Solar panels to heat water for home or businesses
  • Thermo pumps and complete geothermal energy solutions for heating and cooling applications
  • Energy production systems that use biomass and biogas
  • Water turbines
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wind turbine generators (WTGs)

Measures of beneficial environmental impact

  • Transport –Alternative fuel vehicles (plug in hybrid and electric cars)
  • Equipment and installations for water, air and soil protection
  • Recycling and waste management – enterprises in this field can apply for loans to finance working capital needs.
  • Organic agriculture – measures can also include financing certification costs.
  • Residual material treatment facilities – filters, water treatment installations, manure storage facilities, etc.
  • Costal and earth retaining measures, afforestation and re-cultivation of damaged areas, etc.
  • Implementation of building management systems and systems to manage the energy consumption in production processes.
  • Suppliers, auditors, and other parties providing services in this area can apply for loans to finance working capital for equipment and materials.