Internal Environmental Management

This pillar relates to all in-house measures taken to reduce the banks’ environmental impact. This includes widespread awareness-raising and training efforts, as well as branch and head office design.

ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina is adopting an approach to better understand and improve the sustainability of its own energy use and environmental impact. As part of this effort, the Bank has implemented in-house energy and resource efficiency measures which apply to both technology and behaviour. The Bank takes a systematic approach to informing staff about energy efficiency and renewable energy. In addition, employees are kept informed about relevant environmental issues, plans on measures to be taken to increase the efficient use of energy and resources, as well as results of actions and activities undertaken via intranet and e-mail.

Since 2012 the Bank has collected  data on Bank’s energy, water, fuel and material consumption as well as CO2 emissions resulting from energy consumption.

Examples of measures taken by ProCredit Bank to make its internal activities more environmentally-friendly:

  • Energy efficient air-conditioning devices in server and telecommunication rooms;
  • New servers-reduction of number and electricity consumption of existing servers;
  • Pellet heating boilers;
  • Energy star labelled new printing system with central monitoring;
  • Three light boxes illuminated with LED lights.
  • Turning off the monitors, printers and copy machines after working hours;
  • Switching off the unnecessary lighting;
  • Paper recycling;
  • Optimal usage of the heating and air-conditioning system; etc.