Payments in Chinese National Currency YUAN

ProCredit Bank wants to present you new, unique offer for payments conducted in Chinese national currency YUAN. You are now able to do your national money transfers in YUAN for the unique price of 10 EUR per transaction.

In order to support your business in complying with the obligations towards partners and suppliers in China, ProCredit Bank offers you to do your payments to Chinese partners and suppliers in their national currency YUAN. The advantages of payments in YUAN are numerous. Here are just some of them:

  • Avoid currency exchange risks- Many Chinese companies bump up the dollar costs of the goods they sell to foreigners to compensate for associated uncertainties. 
  • If you pay for the goods in foreign currency, it will for sure take several days for Chinese authorities to process foreign currency payments unlike payments done in Chinese national currency. As for the comparison, it takes no more than one day for Chinese authorities to process the payments in national currency.
  • YUAN is preferred invoicing currency of Chinese exporters. According to a Wall Street Journal study, Chinese exporters offer up to 5-8% rebate for transactions settled in YUAN instead of USD.
  • In the end, payments in Chinese national currency come with lower procedural requirements. Hence, they are less expensive for the client in comparison with payments in foreign currency.

The only requirement to be able to conduct your payments in YUAN is to ask your supplier to issue the invoice in Chinese national currency.


Shall you have any further questions please contact your Business Client Advisor or reach us via Client Support Center on 033/250-950.


Yours ProCredit Bank,