ProCredit Bank provides loans for renovations and improvements to your home that reflect your needs and financial situation.
A ProCredit home improvement loan also gives you access to our numerous partnerships with well-known firms, which offer materials for home improvements at attractive prices.
Loans of up to KM 5,000, with terms of up to 36 month and without the need for guarantors, are available to ProCredit clients who receive a regular monthly income through their ProCredit account.

Loan amount From KM 2,000 to KM 20,000
Repayment term Up to 8 years
Minimum loan instalment KM 100
Interest rate up to 60 months – 6.5%
over 60 months – six-month EURIBOR+6.3%
Effective interest rate* 7.24%
Processing fee 1%
Collateral Depends on the amount and time period:
guarantor(s), pledge, deposit, mortgage, or a combination of the above types of collateral

*EIR calculated at the maximum loan amount, with a repayment term of 60 months, accompanying interest rate and maximum processing fee.

EXAMPLE: Home improvement loans

KM 5,000 KM 10,000 KM 15,000 KM 20,000
24 months 222.93 445.87 668.80 891.74
36 months 153.46 306.91 460.37 613.82
60 months / 196.10 294.15 392.20
84 months / 149.64 224.46 392.20
96 months / 135.03 202.54 270.06

The figures quoted in the table below are indicative only, actual figures are subject to status.