What is ProPay?

ProPay is a service that allows you to make payments between ProCredit bank clients in different countries.

Who can use ProPay?

  • Private clients who want to transfer money from their ProCredit account to a ProCredit account within the ProCredit group and who want to benefit from attractive rates.
  • Legal entities that do business with partners in the region and that want to significantly reduce their transaction costs and enjoy fast payment services.

Where can ProPay be used?

ProPay can be used to make payments to, or receive money from, ProCredit banks in the following countries: Albania, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Ukraine and, of course, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Why ProPay?

ProPay is the most efficient and most attractive way to transfer money in South-East and Eastern Europe. As Private Individual, use ProPay payments via electronic banking and pay EUR 5  regardless of the amount you send!