Mastercard contactless cards

Make every ATM yours!

ProCredit Bank je, in order to fully respond to the needs of its clients and provide the best possible services, decided to cooperate with Mastercard, the company with the most widespread electronic payment network in the world.Therefore, ProCredit and Mastercard have developed numerous benefits, among which are the following:

  • 3 free cash withdrawals per month at the ATMs of other banks within BiH
  • Possibility to make cash withdrawals in EUR currency on PCB ATMs.
  • Contactless transactions on POS terminals amounting up to 30 KM.
  • Possibility of changing PIN code at any Mastercard labeled ATM within BiH.  
  • Possibility of viewing BAM account balance at any Mastercard labeled ATM within BiH.
  • Online payment option with additional security by using Mastercard Secure Code. This functionality is not mandatory, we activate it on Your request. More information here.
  • All cash withdrawals remain unlimited and free of charge on PCB ATMs.

You do not need to own a VIP account in order to enjoy all the benefits of Mastercard contactless cards. It is up to You to apply and try out all the possibilities the world of electronic banking has to offer.