ProCredit Bank offers you the most widely-accepted and the best-known payment cards in the world. ProCredit payment cards let you withdraw cash and pay for goods in shops in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or wherever you are in the world, simply and safely.

Choose the card that best suits your needs and look for these signs.

In order to protect our clients, ProCredit Bank has introduced additional security measures for online payments made using payment cards. Purchases must now be verified by the CVV2 number. These security measures also protect card users from online fraud and ensure that only the person issued the card can make purchases.

The CVV2 number is a three-digit verification number which can be found on the back of the payment card, where the cardholder’s signature is located.

However, some popular online shops and merchants do not require this form of payment verification. We still permit online purchases from such websites as long as encrypted channels of communication are used when authorising transactions.